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Frame rate,lightning and inventory and night is to bright. Read description
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I cant stop bitching about this. So I was at tisy military base and just found night vision goggles but wait i cant really use them anymore because it so FN bright now at night. I sat from a distance from the tents and with my blaze testing out the regular scope that is not night vision and can see everything at night. How does this make sense? You should need night vision scope or goggles to see anything at night. I can even zoom in with my vision and see everything at night. The frame rate is worse than ever and the d pad now when in inventory is setting off the voice activation. This is the worst update so far. Now because night time is so unrealistic bright people can see you when you should not be able to without night vision goggles. This game needs a update already. You need to make it where if the moon is out it would be the perfect brightness as night time is now but when the moon is not out it should be dark till where you need night vision goggles or a flash light flare,glow stick. Now all of these things are pointless. Please play on ps4 at night and you will see that this is to bright for night. Night time was just fine the way it was before update and now it FN sucks. I look forward to using night vision at night or a night vision scope but now. Why have any of these things now? Hope you will fix this and make night time the way it was. Sure when the moon is out this would be a perfect setting for this but it should be way darker if the moon is not out.


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Syfer42p created this task.Feb 14 2020, 7:07 AM

100% agree!
(You should even consider making dark nights foggy for players without night vision, so that turning up the brightness of your screen doesn't give you an unfair advantage over other players.)

So after reading your comment about night time, I went online and you were absolutely right about it is a bit too bright for the sake of realism. I used to think the night time is too long so lately I've been playing in private servers where nights are shorter in duration. I personally don't mind it as I had troubles playing at night so I just sit around and have a forced break from playing otherwise I keep playing lol. I believe the balance need to be adjusted for the darkness of the night and the rain which seems to be too much as I don't want to have a forced break even in day time. You also have a good point of other gears and equipment for night time can be useless. A few bright nights with a moon and mostly dark nights would fit better. I also hope devs can work on rendering issues rather than building some amusement parks(still visually pleasing but prioritize what needs to be done first). Is it too much to ask or is it going to happen in near future that player further than 100m away looks just silly and not realistic for your immersion.

Yea the night is a little bright but as I am playing it's not that bad. Could be a little darker. I agree about the rain. I feel that I am in the Amazon rain forest or something. Since this update there have been numerous problems like cant re dig marlin bags and cant get stuff out of marlin bags. Also getting blue screened as I put marlin bags to hands and drop items. Light issues getting brighter as you look down and darker when you look back up and forward. Doing it with the night vision goggles as well. This update to me has caused more problems than fixed to me.

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