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Old Man (Beta) observations
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The following subjective information is a top 10 list of scenario performance observations from a casual gamer:


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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Regular game play scenario activities [for Arma Apex Old Man (Beta) 1/13/20 6:30am version] as noted below in Additional Information.

Additional Information
  1. - Samjo has no voice over playback when player calls for reinforcements
  2. - AI spawning in are visible when driving fast into a town or through any AI spawn point
  3. -L'Ensemble support calls will eliminate player designated map target without AI ever spawning.
  4. -enemy AI intuits player position with seemingly supernatural ability even at night or when player is covered by smoke.
  5. -reinforcement enemy AI endlessly are called even when hostile AI are eliminated. Seems unnatural and hence breaks immersion.
  6. -Samjo voice over playback does not occur when player calls for L'Ensemble reinforcements, albeit subtitling indicates communication occurs.
  7. -Map interface needs work. Buttons seem to not operate as expected. Sometimes Message button functionality swaps linking with Call button. Sometimes Insurgent button does not work.
  8. -Fast travel availability seems to break erratically after threat level is raised and player enters Safehouse either during threat level high or even after threat level returns to zero.
  9. -Aggro/threat level map overlays are not aligned to map edges on left side of map.
  10. -Authorities do not seem to mind if player is speeding or drives around checkpoints within clear line of sight.
  11. bonus -Doctor frequently calling about delivering Antimalarial drugs will not accept delivery of Antimalarial drugs. Have had it work once but other times upon restarting scenario this action is not available thus leaving the Doctor activity tree at a standstill.

I would just like to take a moment and say that as a long time Arma player this added content is everything I have wanted in a Single Player mission for a long time now. It has a compelling story. An immersive world. I love that you can go incognito and enemy AI have rules of engagement. Overall I am super excited about Old Man beta. Would be nice to be able to see Santiago in a mirror at home. When playing without 3rd person its hard to get a glimpse of what this old man looks like. Thank you for good work and continuing to output some interesting Single Player material.

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