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[1.07] Inventory bug
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So, we played with Jacob_Mango the session on Livonia with DayZ Team (even if we didn't crossed any), and we had two inventory issues :

  • I opened a can of sardines with a knife, then dropped it on the ground (don't remember if it was with G or trough inventory), and neither him or me could pick it up again (with F tap/press and Inventory)

Then, I died with a Makarov in my inventory. When going back up to my dead body, I couldn't pick it up from the cargo. I finally managed to retrieve it by having a MP5 in my hands and swapping the makarov with the MP5. The MP5 was then also pickable.

I have no reproductions step, I tried to describe the best I could of what we did when it happened, hopefully you guys can get it sorted. Good luck !


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Windows 10 x64

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We are having the same issue. Any response?