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One Shot Kills
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I’d just like to point this out and hope that some balancing will be made to make this better. But one shot kills have been a huge issue for many people in dayZ recently, I’ve got a whole crew that have stopped playing he game because they are sick of spending hours running around just t get sniped and die instantly without even a chance to fight back, or even any idea of what hit them. I think the problem lies with the mosin, and Winchester (m70 tundra) they are one tap MACHINES. They are way too common, their ammo is also WAY too common, I can loot NWAF and leave with 100 shots for the Winchester easy. It’s just suchh a meta right now that everyone runs around with mosins and Tundras just sniping people and they die in one shot 90% of the time. Please balance this, I’m begging. decreasin the spawns of snipers, decreasing the amount of ammo spawning, decreasing the damage output of these rifles, making one shot kills less common is something many people REALLY want. M1NDR was also talking about this on his stream and he thinks this is also a huge issue across all platforms. Please look into balancing this better


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Shoot people ;)

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Even with plate carriers , mosin especially will still one tap kill a lot of the time.

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If you get headshot, ir center of mass/upper body, it‘s one of the few good things in dayz that you instantly dead or after a few seconds. Good snipe, bad luck. Don‘t stand still in the open or any dangerous spots. .308 and 762x54 is strong ammo and bolt action rifles have their own disadvantages

I don’t think that’s fun at all though. I agree that a good centre mass shot is fair enough you should get downed. But I think unconscious rather than instant dead. But even at that it’s not just 308 and 7.62x54 like I’ve one tapped people with an SKS, an IZH even shit like the AKS74U will one tap you a lot. And then the pistols are far too weak. It’s like guns are either too strong or too weak. I just preferred when people would take a couple more shots to kill, and go unconscious more too. Right now it’s one or two shots and the guy is instant dead