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Dupers and glitchers on ps4 server 2719
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There is a group of guys playing on ps4 server 2719 in vysotovo on top on the apartments they duplicate rare items and glitch walls with barbed wire so no body can even get close they have multiple accounts and log out from with the one from inside on the roof the walls to get in are glitched through a doorway and can not be taken down from the outside and yes ive tried every angle looking for the prompt and tried every tool it even let us take down a wall that was about ten meters behind the front wall bugged into the doorway these guys have been doing it for a while their leaders one account is streneg they have been massaging people on the server trying to trade duplicated items as gun runners thats really fair to the rest of the players loot cycle im am a really big fan of this game and people like this are ruining it for other people we were a medium to high pop server until these guys started their bull crap messing with everyone its really sad this game is amazing and yet people like this ruin it for everyone


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Yesterday I raid this base. More than this base is not there. There were no rare items. Only one trash.

Ahh to slow, me and friend raided this base when it was posted. We left the barb wire down and took what we wanted and despawned most of the guns there o/

Nice work bro. Dupers must be punished.

I broke the gate there and took it apart. I let them know that they should not stay there and do the same.

I would be curious to know if this gate was glitched, how you broke it?

This is a secret method. This is a glitch - anti glitch. I use it only for dupers and users of bugs like 2719 in vysotovo :)

@Nytlenc our intentions are one in the same then.

@Devtech do you play on official servers?

@Devtech I can show the way by which I entered the building (base), but I need guarantees that the anti-raid construction bug will be fixed.

I would love to give a guarantee, but challenges could present themselves just being honest. What I can say is if you share what you know it definitely will be worked on to find a resolution

@Devtech Oh, cut the shit. Talk about being honest after charging us $50 to beta test a game for you. The money obviously isn't going into marketing or development.


if you share what you know it definitely will be worked on to find a resolution

It will definitely be fixed in one point, but I'm more than sure the developers will not fix the root of the problem only by aggravating the situation ...

Nytlenc added a comment.EditedNov 22 2019, 3:16 AM

Already two patches, developers can not fix elementary problems. Such as malfunctioning gun magazines (when reloading through a triangle, the weapon becomes malfunctioning ), problems with duplicating items that kill the game faster and faster. Go to the server PS4 EU-DE 9158 the factory Solnichniy and see everything with your own eyes, 100-200 tents! I was there! I saw this chaos, the game is destroyed! The tents are facing each other and you can not getting inside, and I'm more than sure they are full of duplicated items - and etc.

And after that you try to convince me that developers will certainly work on this? This is funny!
Instead of fixing critical bugs, marketing claims that a new card is coming out! Livonia. Are you kidding me? What is the difference in what map all the same errors will occur that kill the game? I do not see any sense in this except to get the next batch of profit and again make promises like they did before.
I paid $ 60 for this game and every month I pay $ 8 (Playstation Plus) for continuing to play it! In exchange for money, I get a beta version of the game (sorry, but this impossible to call a full release), and for 1-2 months I hope to you finally fix the errors that I report and you will not do make new stupid errors (for example, not working night vision goggles or not working car headlights). But instead, I do not receive any fixes and again I wait 1-2 months until the next patch in the hope that this time these errors will definitely be fixed. I know exactly - every patch you something definitely broked and this will not be fixed soon even if I let you know!
On Twitter, I see only one thing - soon ... soon ... soon ... No specifics! If marketing thinks in this way to intrigue people, they are mistaken, they only frighten them with languid expectations and unjustified hopes! You have to change the trade mark to "Soon interactive".
I do not believe you, like thousands of other peoples playing your game. Sorry, but with this attitude towards your customers, the game has no future.