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Joysticks are not being detected
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My Joysticks are not appearing on the controls menu. They were working one day and next time I logged on they just wouldn't. They work fine in other games like DCS. I have re-installed the joystick drivers, deleted and modified profile settings which apparently helped for some people. But when I deleted the joysticks from the list through the profile config files they wouldn't pop back up even in those files.

I haven't tried any different joysticks because I don't have any others.

I have no logs to send because there are no logs.

This is pretty devastating to my place in my MilSim unit because to perform well enough there you pretty much need a joystick. I'm gonna be eventually kicked out if I don't get them working.


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Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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Steps To Reproduce

Can not reproduce cause it's a constant issue.

Additional Information

I use the T.16000M and TWCS Throttle.

I tried reinstalling Arma and messing with the profile files.

This happened after the latest major update (ver. 1.96) with the Contact improvements.

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