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Broken inventory and collected items
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Items that you’ve picked up can never be guaranteed if you actually have them or not. Sometimes you’ll pick something up and it’ll disappear later on. Or your team mate a can’t see them in your hands, or you’re team mates will pick up the same item that you’ve already picked up, and now it says both of you have it, and then when you log back on, neither of you have it. Or maybe you’ll pick up bullets, they won’t load into the gun. You re log and the bullets are gone. Or even worse, they do load into the gun. But when you fire them, nothing happens, nobody else hears a gunshot other than you, nothing. This happens ALL THE TIME. This is the main thing plaguing console right now. Literally every item you pick up is viable to glitch out and disappears or straight up NOT WORK. Constantly re logging every 20 minutes to fix this. It’s been happenin since you released the update during 1.02 that broke the scopes on Xbox. Seriously guys you need to acknowledge that you know about this.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Play the game. Seriously just play the game with a squad. Loot bodies and pick up items. You’ll see it happen constantly. “That’s not there on my screen” “you’re not even shooting on my screen”
Although I may note, I only play on private servers. So I’m not sure off his isn’t an issue on official servers. But I know that it happens al the time, to eveyone who play so on privates. Please. Fix

Additional Information

It happens almost every time when swapping mags. Mags will glitch out and it’ll load random mags. And then you won’t be able to fill those mags with bullets , or it’ll say that all you’re mags are either empty or full. And you re log and suddenly like all of your mags and bullets are gone. This has been ruining this game for so long. Everything isn’t perfect right now except this one bug of items just not working and disappearing constantly. But it’s such a huge issue that it’s literally ruining the game

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