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Jerry Can / Cooking Pot Wrong Weight
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Containers that hold liquids like the gasoline Jerry Can are always at full weight, when you empty some of the liquid onto the ground so canister is only half full the weight does not change. Example the Jerry Can when full is 24 Kg, even if you empty it completely it is still 24 Kg.

You can logout and re-log and then the can shows the correct updated weight (when you inspect it), but when you put the can in hands or in your inventory it reduces your stamina as if it is still at full weight 24 Kg.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Find full gasoline Jerry Can, weight is 24 Kg.
Empty all the liquid onto ground, weight still 24 Kg.
Put item into hands/inventory, stamina reduced full weight amount.
Relog, inspect item, weight displays correct.
Put item into hands/inventory, stamina still reduced full weight amount.

Event Timeline

This is mostly fixed with the new build 1.06 on EXP servers, when you empty a Jerry Can/Cook Pot of liquid it changes your stamina correctly (no longer reduces your stamina the full amount even if container is empty). The only issue I saw is that the weight value displayed on the client when you inspect the item doesn't change until you re-log, after re-log it shows the correct value depending on how much liquid is in the container.

The weight is still displayed wrong on the client when you empty gas can or cooking pot, until you logout then it shows up correct. Also when your clothes get wet and you wring them out to dry, the weight does not update correct until you move an item into or out of the clothes.