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Looting bodies and picking up items
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This has been glitching our heavily for far too long. I only play on private servers, so I’m not sure of this issue Ian the same for official servers, but picking up items on and looting bodies is so unreliable and buggy. Some items you can’t pick up, some items you’ll pick up that will disappear shortly after, sometimes more than one person will pick up the same item and then they’ll all disappear shortly after. For example I picked up the new glock, on my screen I had it in my hands, but for everyone else I didn’t have it, then someone else claimed to have picked up the same glock that I picked up, but I couldn’t see he one he wasn’t holding. Next time we logged on, neither of us had the glock anymore. I was hoping you guys wouldn’t have fixed this for 1.05 but it seems worse than ever now. Please fix this ASAP it’s making the game feel so broken and glitchy. Much love, keep up the good work 🧡


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Windows 7
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Just try having a few people in a populated server, kill one and have everyone try to loot the body. You’ll notice some items glitch out for sure. Then look at you’re inventory and log off, then return to the server and a lorn of the time the stuff you picked up won’t be in your inventory.

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Also the amphibia pistols sound effect is bugged. Yo can hear the suppressed shot fro really really far away like it’s a normal gunshot. Pls fix ;)

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Also to add, his often results in you havifn guns on your screen that you do not actually have on the server, so you may try to shoot, but for everyone’s else you will just be punching the air. Or ammo that you don’t actually have, and you’ll try to reload your mags and the bullets just won’t go into the mag. Seriously guys I’m begging you to find a way to fix this. It hasn’t always been like this, I can tell you for a fact that this only started happening back when you released the update during 1.02 that broke the scopes

Yeah I can confirm these bugs happen on official servers too, I play on EU officials only and encounter the issues with looting players on almost every person I loot. Probably one of the worst glitches for me when I'm playing this 1.05 update, as looting players is something everyone does often.