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Bullshit BI is a scam company
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I was so fed up about the game since a longtime. Today i gave it a chance again after the 1.05 update. Fully geared at nwaf i got hit by zombies about 4 times. Backpack, jacket and vest was badly damaged. Also i wasn‘t bleeding, but my health was flashing red empty cross. Barely survived. Shoes were badly damaged. Duct tape worked for jacket and backpack. How will this be playable when the most important thing in game is to find sewing kits/leather sewing kits and duct tape. Can‘t you make shoes and other clothes last longer? And if you are too stupid and too lazy to test the shit you release, at least NOT fix the only bug (duct tape) that helped people to mentally survive that utter bullshit „game“.

My private server will be dead in two days. Days died today. I regret every hour and money that i spent for that scam product.

I will find out a way to get lawyers have an eye on your company and that product. I feel ashamed that i didn‘t listen to those Youtubers years ago that quit because DayZ was so dissapointing. It still is.

You should feel ashamed, but you laugh because you have our money allready. Fuck you BI. Even your Fanbiys will wake up soon


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Go fuck yourselfes

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Schorsch created this task.Oct 4 2019, 12:08 AM