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Generator, hesco barrier, barbed wire despawn and glitches/// also duplication method for xbox
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First is first duplication glitch. Is done by connecting to wifi and then plugging in a lan line mid session. This boots the player from the game. Due to the despawn timer for characters people have 15 seconds give or take a second to relog onto the server they were just on. Your system kicks them and they rejoin again. If they have timed it correctly they will spawn in ontop of themselves as a visible character while the other self is invisible. Restrain or kill the invisible self to begin looting them. Ive tried multiple variations for this bug. This seems to be the easiest and the most commonly successful variant. As for the second issue of despawning generators hescos and barbed wire. On my private server ive built up a base in severograd and on the hilltop overlooking stary and novy sobors ive had generators and hescos despawn at both locations inside the locked down base. Last night was a perfect example i was on until 1 am EST before i logged out for the night i ran the few generators i had due to one despawning after replacing it with another i had found and running them removing the spark and replacing it, with wires and lights all attached and placed not dropped another was despawned this morning inside the base. Again lights and everything. Barbed wire disappearing and otherwise glitching. On two occasions i have attempted to attach barbed to my walls on those occasions the wire has simply disappeared when attached to the wall. Not visible in the menu or on the ground. This was done on the hilltop location mentioned before. Also barbed wire kill radious expands or does not move when attached to a dynamic object(gates) or a wall that is destroyed from within. On multiple occasions barbed wire has killed me while no where near the location of the barbed wire. First occasion- attempting to fill a hesco barrier in front of my base, i was slowly killed and hurt by the barbed wire 12 steps behind my character. Im not sure what happened but it was almost as if the kill box bugged out amd expanded encompassing me within it. On occasion two i was entering my base in my car, after opening my gates i slowly began to pull my car into its garagewhen i began taking barbed wire damage yet again. This time im on the inside of the walls and in a vehicle. I went uncon and as i woke up i died. It was almost as if the barbed wire did not move from its location on the closed gate, even though the gates were open.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Unable to reproduce barbed wire(also unwilling to attempt) unable to reproduce generator or hesco despawn, duplication glitch- step one log into game. From wifi and Have items you want on character. Step two- move around for a minute. Step 3 stand still for two minutes to save location. Step 4 plug in lan/switch from lan to wifi/ mobile hotspot to wifi mid session. 5 quickly navigate back to the server you were on and join. Get kicked and rejoin again. 6- once back in game look for check pulse under you or next to where you spawned. 7 incapacitate invisible self(check pulse) or restrain them with duck tape or rope. Step 8- drop all items to the ground and store them how you wish. Step 9 stay logged in until server restart. (Additional step for private server admins/ restart server after process and wait times complete/ this bug causes extreme amounts of bugging and glitching to the entire server not just the local character)

Additional Information

Plz get this fixed soon yall almost have it. Its getting bad on public servers..addition: barbed wire glitch occurred twice today both times while inside a car. Did not die abandoned the prospect of parking the car in the garage. Attempted reproduction on foot proved un fruitful. This may be due to barbed wire only being on the top portion of the gate,,,, while still you are sitting lower to the ground than you are when standing up? This needs attention.

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