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Server in Browser Taking 40+ Seconds to Load
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Since we moved to the added DDoS protected servers at Fragnet in Chicago our servers take an excess of 40 seconds to load. Fragnet says the problem is on your end and that we should put in a tiecket.

Effected Servers:

Ticket correspondance with Fragnet...

  1. Me

The servers are taking in excess of 40 seconds to populate in the in-game browser. I think we had this issue before when we had servers residing in Chicago. Is there something y'all can do to speed this up?

  1. Christoffer C. @ Fragnet

Unfortunately we're quite hampered in what we can do in regards to the server browser, we can only make the necessary adjustments on our end that allows for a server to show up (for example whitelist UDP traffic on the query port). We cannot speed up the process as this is entirely handled by the server browser itself, which we have little control over.

I do agree that 40 seconds is a long time, have you tried submitting a ticket in regards to this on the DayZ feedback tracker? I don't believe this to necessarily be connected to your servers, as I've seen multiple reports when searching the web regarding the browser taking a long time to display servers.

  1. Me

No I haven't submitted a ticket yet, but I guess I'll try it. We have been in Chicago in the past and had this same issue then. So y'all have no idea why the Chicago based servers takes to long to load as compared to others? I know we had a discussion on this in the past in a ticket. I guess I could sift through the ocean of past tickets to find that conversation, but figured I would ask again to save some time. Let me know, thanks.

  1. Christoffer C. @ Fragnet

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
I found the ticket you're referring to (#169678), at least the one where the issues are discussed and we move your server away. The server browser is hosted by the developers, it's possible that their traffic is routing towards Chicago in a specific way which causes the slightly longer loading times, but this is mere speculation. There is unfortunately not a lot we can do about this, and troubleshooting it from this end is quite difficult.


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Windows 10 x64
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Server Browser Steam
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Just search in the browser

Additional Information

People don't join because they say they can't find our server. Can you fix this asap please?

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Weyland created this task.Sep 19 2019, 12:18 AM

Can we get someone assigned to this please? Really hurts our project...