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Car start glitches through the ground and jump away after it drives over buildings - Vers. 1.05
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Operating System
Windows 7
Ground Support
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Set a fence kit
  2. Install two cutten trees
  3. Drive slowly with the car on it
  4. The car have problems to drive over it, help with [Shift] + [W]
  5. Car drive now over the building
  6. After some meters car start jumping, turn over
  1. Stop driving, switch of the motor
  2. The car is back on the spot.
  3. Start driving again
  4. After some meter the car start jumping again
  5. In one time it sunks in ground (look to the video in description)
Additional Information

After i had disassembling and replacing all four wheels the car works very well again --> No problems anymore. (driver with the car over field, streets)

Event Timeline

After Server restart car was lost!

Emil.Rothenberg changed Severity from Minor to Major.Sep 15 2019, 6:24 PM