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NVGS, relogging
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why did this game have NVGs added to the PS4 version without there being any action to toggle them on your head without having to hold them stop moving to look through, also the fact that the invintorys are bugged so me and my friends have to keep relogging the server just to use or drop gear for everyone to see


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The developers know this and will fix it in 1.05. Along with car headlights. Posting about this will not bring it any sooner. If you dont want to wait and want to use your nvg then use them as binoculars. It isn’t much but helps you see if you don’t want to use flashlights and give your position away. And if you want to be able to shoot at other players try looking for a KA rifle of any kind and a nv scope. Very good for pvp gunfights

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When will the problem be fixed? I want to finish my project, but I can't because of a problem with the application.

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