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Gas Stove isn't working
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I tried to cook some raw chicken filet, so I got a Gas Stove, put a Cooking Pot on it and a Gas Canister under it. I put the chicken into the cooking pot and tried to activate the Canister in my Hand. This didn't work so I put it on the Ground and tried to turn it on there. The button "F to activate" was there, but when I clicked F it didn't do anything.

I tried this several times but F just wouldn't work.

I think it is glitched or smth would be nice if you could fix it with the next update.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Find Gas Stove, Cooking Pot and Gas Canister and put it together.

Take any meat or fish and put it in.

Drop the Construction on the ground and try to turn the Canister on with "F".

You will see that it won't work.

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That´s a bug which was reported. Look at this for fix the problem first on this way till it will be fix by the programmers.

oh ok thanks for the fast Reply ^^