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AI Soldiers Attack Comrades if Empty Civilian Vehicles are Destroyed
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While it is understandable for soldiers to put down a civilian-murdering psychopath on the same side as them, that level of justice cannot be justified for destroying empty civilian vehicles. Currently friendly AI units will kill the player and each other if enough empty civilian or friendly vehicles are destroyed by the respective offender. In a hectic firefight with rockets and grenades flying everywhere, it is completely unrealistic for friendly ai to kill their comrades over understandable collateral damage in the form of wrecked cars on friendly and civilian sides.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place non-civilian player equipped with a rocket launcher and spare ammo
  2. Place non-civilian soldiers on same side next to player
  3. Place empty civilian vehicles at safe distance from player and soldiers
  4. Start editor and begin destroying vehicles
  5. Observe soldiers attack player after several civilian vehicles are destroyed by player. Alternatively, you can command an npc to start destroying cars and the same outcome will occur.
Additional Information

With the IDAP DLC, the way collateral damaged is handled overall should be looked at more closely, but disabling the scoring system for empty vehicles that do not kill anyone would be my proposed solution to this specific issue. It is less unrealistic to have an AI or Player destroy tons of expensive gear and not be executed than the aforementioned scenario. Thank you.

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distractor2004 updated the task description. (Show Details)