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More waterproof bags outside beach
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If am playing alone, i wont build my own base with walls, codelocks, and tonns of loot. I just need to made some underground bags in places i know.

I really though every backpack can be buried with a shovel... tried and get stucked.
We have an item, waterproof bag, that is one the beach (actually 5-7 kilometers from military objects), that allows me to make storage with 5x5 size...

Thats the problem for me.
If we have "item that belongs to beach by the idea", then why we have spawned KA ammo with maybe sg5k weapon... if this should be logical, then if there is such and such a weapon in the military unit, then it is usually standard - KA, KA ammo, KA accessories, KA scopes. And not everyone has their own...

And since the game involves conventions to make it harder, I suppose burial bags can also be lucky, instead of useless pea jackets and shirts.


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sory mybad. dont know that forest can be transformed to storage.

how to close the topic?

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