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Tent Base Exploit
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people are using tents to make unraidable bases. my team mates have started using this tactic and it sickens me. but all they say is then make your own base and don't use ours. this however defeats the purpose of me telling them I think its a cheat and not fair. we expect to be able to raid other peoples bases.. please ruin their exploit by making tents packable from outside


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

get 2 or 3 large tents
go to a factory or other large facility
place tents inside by doors so no one can get in
create a second character to keep base "lock keeper"

Additional Information

you can either make tets not placable in buildings or make tents packable from the outside. either of these would fix the problem. this ruins the base raiding element of the game

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EXB0XThreeSixty triaged this task as Immediate priority.
Xey added a subscriber: Xey.EditedAug 28 2019, 10:58 AM

What's wrong with protecting your base from raiding?
Can you not derive pleasure from the game without cowardly tactics? :>
(nothing wrong with cowardly tactics either, just asking - after all, you could still destroy the tent and wait for it to despawn, no?)

P.S. if it wasn't obvious: I think it's a non-issue.