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Make it so your created characters are saved after you leave a game (read for better understanding)
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Alright so whenever I create a character (through the character select or whatnot) and go join a server and the character i made load's in perfectly fine. but once that character dies and you reload into the game after it. let's say crashes, it changes your model as if you never changed it, this is very annoying and i hope you guys set it so it works like it did back in .62 where we'd make a character and that character would spawn NO MATTER WHAT


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
newest version
Steps To Reproduce

1.make a character
2.join a server
3.make sure the character you made is actually in the server (aka play for like a few minutes or whatever)
4.kill yourself in some way shape and form then exit the game enter the game and join any server that would have had the character you just killed

  1. you now have some random character you didn't want
Additional Information

if you do not restart your game or leave that server in some way everytime you respawn you will be that character, but if you leave the server and go to the main menu or leave the game it resets it

you can still play as that created character if you died and left the game. enter the game (main menu) on the arrow showing which character is which until you get to the character you made change server while looking at that character
4.choose server

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