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Wildlife AI considerably poorer in the last patches
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I have noticed that with recent patches hunting had become less of a challenge.

I remember that hunting a deer with a pistol was quite difficult before since they would notice you from like 50m and run away, now they just stare at you even if you come at them as close as a couple meters, sometimes enough to just stab them.

I don't know if its a temporary fix due the lack of bows ingame right now, but in mid late game hunting is more an annoyance than something to enjoy doing.

Also don't know if its just me, but I believe that the volume of their sounds is way too high and common. You can hear them from like 1-2km away, and they just don't stop making that noice evey minute or so. Had a couple times that I just killed the deers to stop that noise happening lol.


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Windows 7
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Go around deers, try to hunt them.

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Bab.D created this task.Aug 19 2019, 1:47 PM