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Losing Inventory
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Hello please help.

Various items glitch and are unaccessible when trying to transfer from person to storage (crate, drybag).
Leaving the lobby and returning can help but I've now lost 2 M4's in 3 days for no reason. Not to mention multiple shovels and 2 lock picks.

Username: Jarsty

Thank you


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Windows 7

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Jarsty created this task.Aug 17 2019, 8:13 AM
Jarsty triaged this task as High priority.

I just logged out on US - SL 2443. I Logged back in and had a completely scrambled inventory AND lost my AK-M.
2 days ago I went to dig up my M4, only to find my crate was missing a 24 slotted item.
Seems to happen only with high-end weaponry.
I feel broken :(

As per my feedback as well (in additional information) items disappearing from inventory when logging on has been occurring to me as well.
It has happened twice for me back to back.
Maniphest: T144740

BaZiL added a subscriber: BaZiL.Sep 15 2019, 10:38 AM

Yes me to. Just lost a VSD and a Tundra. I have lost so many guns to this its not funny. I believe it is due to players duplicating gear, so the server is not allowing it to exist. But they get 50 duped guns not a problem, while we can't have our legitimate guns....... The player base is dead on Ps4. I had to quit. The game is nearly dead. It saddens me, this was a great game that I fully support. Please Bohemia Interactive help us.