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Units affected by orderGetIn wont get in vehicle, if player is commander and AI driver Moved the vehicle
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AI Units affected by OrderGetIn script command wont get in vehicle if the player is in commander seat and ordered AI driver to move (IE. Go forward ), AI only gets to position to get in a few meters from the vehicle but wont get in until player changes seats to driver.
So far this happens as long as player is in any seat that is not driver and gives a command to the driver AI to move. And in any vehicle where it is possible to do so.


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Ultimate SP 1
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go to EDEN editor
  1. Place a slammer tank
  1. Make the unit in commander seat player if not by default
  1. Place another unit or group that is same side as player next to the Tank
  1. Give a name to the group (mygroup)
  1. Add any code that applies orderGetIn to the group units


player addAction ["get in vehicle", {
_x assignAsCargo (vehicle player);
} forEach units mygroup;

(units mygroup) orderGetIn true;}];

  1. Start Mission, make AI Driver move the vehicle by pressing forward
  1. Execute code IE: move scroll wheel and select "get in vehicle" from the actions menu
  1. AI group will get behind the slammer tank but wont load inside
  1. If players changes seats to driver AI will get in, also AI will get in normally if you don't command the driver AI to move the tank at the start of the mission
Additional Information

Asking about this online a player told me this happened on still pegasus campaign to him

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thx for the report. We will look on it.