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List of current 1.04 bugs and more
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#1 Some weapons " break", no longer able to fire, even though it worked 10 min ago and mag is full.
#2 Lag during some fire fights are incredible.
#3 Bandana is no longer wearable.
#4 Some items in hands can't be placed In inventory (not full).
#5 Some times weapons in FPP will fire for no reason.
#6 Sometimes items put in tents or barrels can't be removed at all, even after logging out and back in
#7 Items on dead survivors can't be removed after killing them even after it's all been removed from body.
#8 Sometimes to cure disease it can take up to a full pack of tetracycline pills
#9 Sometimes drinking spigot water out of bottle you can contract disease
#10 Can't turn on universal light attached to tac helm, same as for nvg. Only way to turn on light is in hands then equip to helmet.
#11 When two players use tent inventory one player will be locked out and cannot add or remove items. Usually the player that opened the inventory last/ after first player will be "locked" out.
#12 Flares and grenades fall through map if thrown.
#13 Scopes still render white but not as long as before.
#14 Scopes are extremely laggy (hunting scope).
#15 Batteries will not equip on most items, they must be dragged. Seems to only equip on guns.
#16 Glow stick on back pack straps can't be put directly into inventory or hands, must be dropped on ground then put in inventory.
#17 When using nvg in hands after usage the environment around renders with white spots.
#18 Some weapon mags will "break" making it impossible to reload.
#19 Game crashes often , displaying "no message received "

All in all this update seems to have broken more things than last version. Plus things added like nvg doesnt even work. Ok great there is no server hopping but there is barely anyone who plays through night, most likely due to the nvgs not working. I love the hot fix made to make shoulder swap and lean one button press but there are many more important issues that require attention. Immediate attention!

#20 Now mags are "breaking" making it impossible to add or remove rounds from it. Possibly what breaks the guns. Always check your mags now boys and gals.
#21 Tent inventories are getting worse, at times nothing can be removed or added. We believe it's due to being in close proximity to many other items in a base. Will be testing this theory tomorrow.
#22 Weapon silencer often don't change the sound at all, even though it's not ruined.
#23 disease/cholera function is getting worse, even after 24+ tetracycline pills were taken over a prolonged time the disease persists, making hunger appear more often and often making you vomit without even having the stomach icon.

I and my team feel as if the game is getting worse and bugs are happening more frequently. It's much more unenjoyable to play because we have to constantly find a fix for a bug or a way around it. Still love the game and the potential it has if it was regularly maintained/ maintenanced. In it's current state it's not at all a 60$ CA game.
I will continue to help by adding more bugs I find as I go.

I hope the DEV's are listening/ reading this.

#24 Glow stick can't be equipped to backpack strap from inventory.
#25 No longer able to quick drop an item in hands with square.
#26 Mini sights for pistol, rvn and possibly combat sights do not show the red dot when a battery is added to the sight.
#27 Some people are having trouble entering cars, I myself did briefly as well. It required that I spammed square hold for it to work for me.
#28 Flashbangs can kill, my teammate died to a Flashbangs which was 5-10 ft away.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

#1 No way to reproduce but it begins when your unable to change the mag, logging of server and returning doesnt fix it.
#2 Unable to reproduce.
#3 Unable to reproduce.
#4 Unable to reproduce. Happens at random.
#5 Happens at random.
#6 Happens at random.
#7 Happens at random.
#8 Happens at random
#9 Happens at random.
#10 Already a known issue, please fix asap!
#11 When more than one player opens tent inventory and add items.
#12 Throw a flare or grenade and watch it fall through.
#13 Look down scope, happens at random.
#14 Happens every time you look down scopes (snipers)
#15 Press triangle and see it won't equip.
#16 Press square and see it won't enter inventory.
#17 Put NVG in hands and use like binocular. Upon exit you will see. Happens at random but mostly all the time.
#18 Unable to reproduce.
#19 Unable to reproduce, can happen up to 5 times a day.
#20 Happens at random, cause unknown
#21Happens at random, unable to reproduce.
#22 Unable to reproduce.
#23 Get sick and see, unable to reproduce. Edit: finally got rid of it. I commit suicide with a grenade, but I think this bug happens by spamming the tetracycline pills, it's best to use then use again after 1st pill is worn off.
#24 With glow stick in inventory, press triangle and see it doesn't equip
#25 With any item in hands hold square. Item doesn't drop at all. You now have to waste time in inventory to drop what's in hands.
#26 Happens with the sights every time, no reproduction required
#27 Unable to reproduce, seems to be different for everyone.
#28 unable to reproduce and don't want to try to, killed my teammate on first time using.

Additional Information

I'm really surprised there is this many bugs but than again it's dayz.

There is more bugs than these, I just forgot to note them down and will add them as I play and look for more and their fixes.

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Car lights no longer have option to turn on- u can get the stuff from zombies if you drag to your hands- good report

Big problems with FPS in towns when driving or just driving in general, the funny thing is the lag isn’t there for any of the passengers, only the driver. This can cause major time wasted when building a car takes a long time and can just be thrown away by 1 crash due to FPS/freezing. There should at least be a way to fix a car when damaged, instead of it just de-spawning after 5 minutes.

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COOKZ , just found out about the car lights today. What a shame. And the zombie gear fix you suggested has yet to work for me. Even just dropping it off the zed.

XXXKEITHAPE, also just found out about the driver lag today. We weren't even in a big town and we were cruising like champs with the occasional lag until our driver panicked cuz he froze. From my prospective in the front passenger seat all was working until we smashed into a wall and all 3 of us we knocked out. Crawled out the wreck in prone position, going whoah we got lucky and didn't die. We were cruising at 45-50 mph/kmh. Lmao

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I had a bug today that found I made a car and I had everything for it still do I moved the car a few yards away from where I built it and I parked it in a shed and I got out and I wasn’t able to get in the drivers sit but I was able to get into the passenger and the back seats. I tried waiting for a server reset but it still didn’t work I think you should add it to the list. Couldn’t drive it at all waste of my time 😓

Any word as to if or when these bugs will be getting a fix?

I_killed_thisguy, perhaps try logging and trying again. I had the same problem briefly but managed to get it to work. But then again it would seem as though the bugs are different for everyone. Il note it down, thank you

Palmertait28, As of yet there is no mention to as if they will do any hot fixes or provide an update to fix the game before they make one to add more, there is a Q and A stream today on their twitch at 10 am EST today August 13th, I asked the question and provided the link to this report. I'm hoping they will answer it and will be watching with fingers crossed. Il add details for you in case your not able to watch the stream.

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Palmertait28 ,As for your question. During the stream, they said they are using the feedback we provide and they touched base on some of the questions that the public had asked. They said 1.05 is coming soon and that the feedback we provide will be helping them solve these issues for 1.05. *Fingers crossed* but 1.05 will have they re own set of problems and maybe the same issues.

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Just found a solution for driving regarding the freezes, drive in first person with your head facing slightly up (still able to see road obviously) it seems the only option right now.

Hey XXXKEITHAPE, that or driving slower. During the stream yesterday they said the lag and freezing is due to not being able to generate the environment faster than the movement of the car.

Found another bug, I was on top of a crane and when I want to go down from it my character bugged out and started to climb 30cm away from the ladder which eventually led me to falling down. So yes, I didnt survive that drop haha.

Hey XXXKEITHAPE, that or driving slower. During the stream yesterday they said the lag and freezing is due to not being able to generate the environment faster than the movement of the car.

How silly, because then the game isnt able to generate the environment when I walk. I get fps drops all the time, lagging and freezing.

Hey Cubenflow8, it's hard to say , this could be caused by insufficient internet speed, WiFi connection and depending on what server you play on. Also if your constantly in big towns like novo, churno, electro, servo your gonna experience intense fps drops , render issues, lagging and freezing. I stay way clear of big towns as it seems to create more tent inventory issues. If your in open areas and it persists it could be due to the other factors I mentioned.

Hello Nightmare780,
Thank you for your reply.

I know that the problem isnt with my internet speed, as I have a 150 Mb download and 100 Mbit upload with 1-7ms response time. My router isnt the issue either, its an expensive asus AC-router which is located 5m from my PS4 with nothing obstructing it. DayZ is the only game I have problems with.

Yes, big towns really makes it worse, but I experience the same issue in smaller villages and even in the forest alone. :( There is no problem in open fields.