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Can´t build frame or roof of the watchtower if buildings are to close to it - Version 1.04 152166.
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A) Frame-building:

After cut a bush which is blocking the building option of the watchtower the next problem will come after server restart.
The bush comes back and block the building options for the frame which is now on the same position like the bush. Cutting down again will helps.

B) Roof-building:

After setting the watchtower and next to him a fence without building up first the watchtower (putting down trees, add planks and nails and build roof) in future moments the down trees of the fence will block the roof-build-option of the watchtower. Animation will start but at the end no building-results are there.

For example:


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

For B) Step by step:

  1. Watchtower Kit is deployed
  2. After that deploy a fences-kit next to it (close position)
  3. Put down trees to the watchtower and to the fences
  4. Build both up with an shovel
  5. Now add planks and nails to the watchtower
  6. Start the building option "build roof"
  7. After holding left mouse-button the animation starts
  8. White cycle is filling but at the end no roof was builded

After removing all parts and start building again without building a fence next to the watchtower there are no problems to start the roof-building-option.

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