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Xbox Inventory / held items bug
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On Xbox currently. When you are carrying weapons or any items really, taking them in and out of your inventory, for example swapping from your firearm to your melee weapon. A lot of the time the game will glitch and for other players, you firearm will fill remain in your hands, so when on your screen you are punching a zombie , you will be shooting buckets on their screen, and often the only way to fix it is to log off and log back in. It’s happening all the time currently with almost every item. Sometimes to take out an empty mag to try and reload it and it doesn’t work, only to find out that on everyone’s else’s screen you are still holding your gun or holding another item. And once again you have to log off and come back.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Have more than one player in an area
Switch weapons multiple times from the quickclot menu
Try to shoot or melee
It happens quite often
Even just swapping items in your inventory and trying to load mags after a while can do it

Event Timeline

Most of the time logging off and coming back isn’t the only way to solve it. Which is extremely frustrating considering it can happen almost every 5-10 minutes when playing in a group

It’s just happened again. After switching guns inventory I can’t load any of my mags. I have to leave and re log. Now I keep getting error code 9 and can’t join the server. This game isn’t unplayable right now please release a hit fix for this I’m begging