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NVG not working attached to helmet or headstrap
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While the NVG is attached to the tactical helmet or the headstrap there is no way to flip it down to be used at night. In its current state the NVG on the helmet or headstrap is basically an accessory to make ones character look better. The only way currently to use the NVG is to have it in ones hand stand still and look through it. This is also the case for PS4


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Windows 10
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Tried three other NVGs with two separate helmets and three separate headstraps still no way to use NVG with head gear

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If you’re able to developers can you please send a reply to my email address

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Yes, please. For the love of all that is holy, add a button to bring down the NVG's while they are equipped to the Tactical Helmet and NVG Headstrap. Seems like something that should be easy and quick to fix so let's get a move on Bohemia...

I have like 10 tac helmets at my base with nvgs on them my friends can use them but I can’t and Idk why

May not need to be said but make sure they have batteries. Also, if you have glasses on they won’t even give you the option to turn them on in your hot wheel. This happened to my buddy and he finally found this to be the cause. Hope this helps!