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Looting and inventory is bugged
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There are issues with looting and the inventory

It’s hard to explain, so I will give examples which I believe are all linked to the same problem:

I dropped .380 rounds for my friend, and he couldn’t see them. I was even able to put them in his back pack and he still couldn’t see them. Relogging did NOT fix this.

I gave the same guy codeine, and asked him to drop it when he’d finished. He dropped it, but said they disappeared from his inventory. Relogging DID fix this and they reappeared in his inventory.

I had a pick axe in my hand, and combined it with the peaches in my inventory. The animation completed, but the can of food disappeared. At this point it noticed my inventory said I had 4 slots left, so it didn’t appear to count the ‘invisible’ peaches. However, I was unable to pick up any item that would fit in the slot, so it actually DOES count the invisible item, even though the slots tell you otherwise.

This could also, potentially, be a reason why people are having issues picking up certain items. Their inventory tells them they have free slots, but they actually don’t. This happened to me earlier, and I believe this is the reason why.


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