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Can not save or load any loadouts
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After the update to 1.94 saving and loading loadouts in the BIS Arsenal is no longer working.

We are running several mods on both server and client-level. All loadouts we have created make use of some of these mods and all these loadouts are now greyed out while the mods are running on both server and client-level.

Even loadouts that only use vanilla items can not be loaded after they are saved, basically making this functionality totally useless for us.

As I do not maintain our missions and I am not a coding expert I do not know what is causing this and how to fix it. Some help or information on how this can be fixed or worked around would be appreciated.

As I have just been given quite an attitude on the Bohemia forums about this issue I would appreciate it very much that wise-ass remarks people wish to make about "you should know how to fix things" or "you should know how to prepare missions for upcoming updates" or "you should know Bohemia breaks every game with each update" were left behind this time around.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Virtual Arsenal
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Join a server.
  2. Use Virtual Arsenal to try and load a loadout.
  3. Use the Virtual Arsenal to save a vanilla loadout.
  4. Use the Virtual Arsenal to load the loadout created above.
Additional Information

As I don't know if any mod is causing this issue I can not really provide any more detail.

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it should be fixed in latest devbranch and in RC build on Steam. RC access code is: Arma3Hotfix194RC