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[RC 1.94] Uneven Wind Sound on Tanoa
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While I was playing as Zeus I moved my camera to the ground and when I've gone up I noticed that the sound was uneven. It's normal while I was near the ground, then, as I was going upwards, the volume of the wind became louder as if I was on top of some mountain, moving the camera even higher resulted in complete silence. This issue seems to only occur on Tanoa terrain and very obvious at Comms Alpha & Red Spring surface mine. I have attached a video in "Additional Information" demonstrating this problem.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Version 1809 (OS Build 17763.615)
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Launch game in RC Build via "Play without mods and optional DLC"
  2. Launch Zeus or Splendid Camera
  3. Move Camera closely to the ground
  4. Move Camera upwards
Additional Information

I put severity at Major because the sound of the wind on Comms Alpha is extremely loud as you go higher. I have tried to reproduce this issue on every terrain available and Tanoa seems to be the only one.

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Voxtell created this task.Jul 25 2019, 2:52 PM
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