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(CONTACT) LDF Uniform display names order separates them in virtual arsenal interface; mixes with NATO uniforms
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This really is trivial and is strictly a quality-of-life change, but it is annoying nonetheless, so here I am :P

The display naming conventions of the LDF Combat Fatigues use a naming order that leads to the LDF fatigues to be unnecessarily spread around the Virtual Arsenal interface instead of being grouped together.

The order that the LDF uniforms use: "Combat Fatigues (variant) [LDF]" organizes them in such a way that breaks up the LDF uniforms amongst the NATO uniforms. This is fine in other cases, such as the CSAT and Full Ghillie uniforms where, in the former* case there aren't any other uniforms to be jumbled up, and in the latter there is a specific organizational logic, but for the LDF combat uniforms this format is unintuitive and annoying

The existing method as used by the AAF uniforms is "Combat Fatigues [AAF] (Variant)" organizes them in such a way as to keep them all together in one place, separate from the NATO uniforms, where they can easily be found and searched amongst, which is much more intuitive

Recommended/requested action: Move the "[LDF]" tag from the end of the display name to in-between, similar to the AAF uniforms; "Combat Fatigues [LDF] (variant)"

Standard (U_I_E_Uniform01_F)
Officer (U_I_E_Uniform01_Officer_F)
Sweater (U_I_E_Uniform01_Sweater_F)
Rolled (U_I_E_Uniform01_shortsleeve_F)
Tank (U_I_E_Uniform01_tanktop_F)


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Virtual Arsenal
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