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Crazy Car
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I managed to completely assemble the car of Günther (the car model does not matter, but an example will be given on it)
At first, everything was quite normal. I got to the military base on the edge of the map (On the side of Kamenka). After some time, the car began to behave very unstable. Similar happened before.
I managed to get out of there and get to Zelenogorsk (Where I once lost Olga in the same way. She just flew into the front of the fence. I managed to get her out of there somehow, but she lay on her side. Further manipulations destroyed the car).
After a while, the problem returned. I tried to drive off-road on Günther with this insane shaking. The car behaved very unstable. In the end, she took off and I was killed along with all the equipment. These are not isolated cases. This happens often. Players spend hours or even days assembling one car so that it can just go, and lose it and themselves in seconds due to such a bug. It is sad.

In addition. I do not want to write another topic related to the machines (although this bug may occur with any object as it seemed to me). Items for some reason do not want to just take in hand or transferred to inventory. They need to throw on the ground and after interacting with them.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

To reproduce the bug with the machines is very simple (Actually, for a player, car assembly is a special kind of masochism).

Stage One - Find the car and accessories needed for the operation of the machine.
Stage Two - Collect the car and fill up
Stage Three - Ride on the map and wait until the demon moves into the car.
Stage Four - You can try to fight the demon or you can just die losing all the equipment and the car.

Additional Information

The bug is very unpleasant.
I could not find the desired category. Even if it exists, I did not find it. I am not strong in english

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Permyack created this task.Jul 7 2019, 3:18 PM

I confirm: the cars in the game behave extremely unstable and urgently need to be repaired. Not so long ago I was driving with yew with loot and on the railway tracks the car flew away, made a roll and at that moment the wheel broke. After the repair, I drove on and after 1-2 km it took off again, made a roll again, but this time it was no longer possible to fix it :\

Подтвержаю: автомобили в игре ведут себя крайне нестабильно и срочно нуждаются в починке. Не так давно ехал с тис с лутом и на Ж/Д путях машина улетела, сделала кувырок и в этот момент сломалось колесо. После починки я поехал дальше и через 1-2 км она снова взлетела, снова сделала кувырок, но в этот раз починить её уже не было возможным :\

All this is very strange. Weren't there stress tests of all this? I remember the cars used to be extremely unstable without wheels. It corrected, but the essence remained. Where does this problem come from? The car can behave steadily and normally for some time, but after that it can at any time begin to behave in this way for no particular reason.
Всё это очень странно. Разве не было стресс тестов всего этого? Помню машины раньше были крайне нестабильными без колёс. Это поправили, но суть осталась. Откуда вообще берётся эта проблема? Машина может вести себя стабильно и нормально какое-то время, но после может в любой момент начать вести себя таким образом без особых причин.