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Non Police/Ambulance Van beacons turns siren on
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After a continuously repeating siren was integrated onto the Ambulance and Gendarmerie vans, the Repair Van (edit: and any other "normal" van equipped with beacons) also inadvertently gained it. Additionally, the siren is tied to the beacons rather than being separate, meaning it is unable to have the warning lights on without the siren

Recommendation: separate the continuous siren and beacon functions. Allow the siren to be used on the Gendarmerie, LDF MP, and Ambulance versions, but not the normal vans.

Additional recommendation: The Gendarmerie Offroad does not have the continuous siren. Add it


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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Current as of 1.95.145798

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hvymtal created this task.Jun 27 2019, 1:05 AM
hvymtal renamed this task from Service Van beacons turns siren on to Non Police/Ambulance Van beacons turns siren on.
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The Siren is even still on, when you got out of the vehicle, i don't like the feature because it's disturbing when you are outside the vehicle.
I would like a Siren-button to switch the siren on/off

New public dev build implemented my recommended solution.
Service vehicles still have a siren option, so that still needs to be removed for those vehicles if possible. Offroad Comms Gendarmerie still does not, needs to be added