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Duplication Glitch - PS4
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I've noticed that on ps4, as on other platforms, they're all using a glitch to duplicate weapons and all objects. Below is the attachment of a youtube video.


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Windows 7
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As I understand it, holding an object in your hand for 45 seconds, entering a friend's game, going out and re-entering the server where the object was held, splits that object. Solve this glitch, it's ruining the game.

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ShocKWaveZack triaged this task as Immediate priority.

I’ve seen this as well it’s causing servers to lag terribly and behave erratically whenever you’re around the area that the players are duping. It’s a survival game, That’s why loot is hard to come by. Please fix immediately as I agree as well with posters take on the issue.

its limiting the loot we can find on the server because of the times they duplicate

I agree. This duplicate bug needs to be patched.

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This needs to be fixed ASAP, it’s frustrating to come to the realization that I will NEVER find an AK or M4 spawned normally because the dupers have them all stashed away somewhere on this 225 square km map.

Maybe thats why i cant seem to find any actual good loot

Please do something for this or tell that you are at least trying. The game is not fun anymore as there is no ak or m4 anywhere to be found. I have been running through nw military base for dayz now (serverhopping) and zero guns. I mean 15 hours of running a round and no guns