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Game won't play crashes everytime
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Can someone please help I bought day z on ps4 through PlayStation store and I haven got to play it at all it crashes at start everytime. PlayStation won't do anything as they are total scum you think a refund involved removing their own testacles. The game doesn't work at all can someone please help. I would have been as well taking the £50 and shoving it up my nose. If someone could help get the game working a psychic high five will be coming your way.


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Windows 7

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Not a professional so don’t blast me. But when you click play it starts the game but then crashes?

Yeah Joshua it starts up the red loading bar fills up I push the x button and I see like a character customization screen and it crashes does this every single time mate I've tried every fix for it

How do you contact the Dec's? My game hasn't worked from day 1 PlayStation digital download so annoying PlayStation won't help anyone any idea same stupid error code crashes the game instantly waste of &£50

Did u try reloading the digital game?

Yeah mate numerous times same thing happens

You’ve tried reinstalling?

I have on 3 different occasions mate

That sucks mate. Have Sony actually responded? Because it sounds more like their issue, to me.

I their response was do notthing to help and everything to stop a credit mate. No technical help