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Major bugs found in AI logic
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Some of these are bugs that I have seen for quite some time, without any patch given the release date for many years.

  • The AR-2 Darter cannot reach a designated point on the map before it starts spinning in circles.
  • The blackfoot AI gunner, when laser designating a target and locking on to it from the pilots perspective slowly raises the laser so that the lock cannot be maintained.
  • The AI driving has improved, however still runs in to walls and sometimes gets looped in to trying to pass the obstacle. Will pull out, then hit it again from a different angle. Sometimes it clears it, simple coding can fix this problem.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

AR-2 Darter

  1. Get a UAV terminal
  2. Assemble a AR-2 Darter
  3. Send the Darter to a location on the map through the UAV terminal
  4. Assume turret control
  5. Wait for the drone to start spinning ( it will soon start to drift off of its course before so)

Blackfoot gunship

  1. Board the blackfoot as the pilot
  2. Have an AI board as a gunner
  3. have him turn laser designator on.
  4. Lock on to laser designator with DAGR missiles.
  1. Watch the laser designation slowly drift up.


  1. Get and wheeled or maybe even tracked vehicle
  2. Assign AI to driver.
  1. put obstacles in way of driver
  1. Or just have the driver drive around.
  1. You will encounter the issue.

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Wow this is still a problem.