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Pressing play "to connect to your last played server" doesn't connect. Instead it's the one before that and, if modded, refuses future connections to others
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Okay, not so clear on the title.

Say I last played on a Vanilla server. I launch DayZ and press Play. This refuses my connection, as the game is trying to connect on a character which is on a modded server for some reason.

I go to server browser, click the server I want to play and join it. Nothing happens. The game does not let me join this server. Press join as many times as you like, it won't do anything./

Only solution is to restart the game and make sure you join the vanilla server and not the modded one by accident again


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
64 bit
Server Browser Steam
Steps To Reproduce

Try and connect to a server different to your version of the game, get bad session.

Afterwards try and connect via the server browser to a server hosting your version of the game, nothing happens.

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