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Implement a one time Brightness/Gamma adjustment screen when game was just installed.
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A one time Brightness screen is a very common technique used in the game industry by the games that depend on the night/darkness factor (as we do in Dayz), to deliver a quality experience.

It tries to standardize what everyone should see, and removes the problem of people with badly set monitors or video settings having a different experience playing (be it on the too bright side, or in the too dark one.

Something like this:



Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Ultimate x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Install Game
  2. During the first launch a "Brightness Adjustment Screen" appears with the needed options to set it correctly
  3. This setting becomes the base setting for this machine in the game, and is stored somewhere where a player can't mess with it easily (forcing to reinstall for example to change it).
  4. The brightness can be further adjusted ingame but to some % of the base setting of the player.
Additional Information

Pls make night light toggle able for servers :D

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