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Watchtower issue
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  • I tried to build a base
  • want to have the watchtower in the corner of the base
  • put fences as close as possible to the watchtower (did that because there should be no space between the logs of the Watchower and the fence, so that no one can look or shoot through
    • first construct the kits to the ground so that the "ghostlogs" as close as possible to each other
    • only logs was constructed till now for watchtower and fences
    • building the fences to the end wasn´t an issue
    • but cant build any wall or the ceiling
    • when building the watchtower alone without fences close to it, building works fine


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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Steps To Reproduce
  1. use watchtower kit on the ground
  2. use fence kit on the ground
    • in the same line with one wall of the watchtower
    • and close as possible to the watchtower
    • so that the "ghostlogs" nearly touch
  3. put in the logs with the shovel for watchtower and fence
  4. try to construct the wall on the watchtower which is next to the fence
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N1_Flex created this task.Jun 1 2019, 4:09 AM

Colliding watchtower, fences, gates etc is a big bad issue/bug in DayZ.
Base constructions / ghost-building kits should be much more forgiving and easier to set up and build without being denied due to collision with each other, even when they are placed near the game's fixed buildings or trees etc. or due to ground slopes..

Base building is a great instress of many players and fits many of DayZ servers. But because of colliding problems and code locks that bugs-out after server crashes or server reboots and also lack of base accessories/props for bases, many playiers gives up base building in DayZ for now and look in to other games...

I hope the developers put more focus on base construction in a near future ..