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editor malfunioning
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Hey Guys, here is my issue. I have a brand new machine, with a brand new install of Arma3. I have no mods loaded to the game at all other than those installed when the game installs. I am not subscribed to any on the workshop.

When I go into the editor, open altis, and place a default nato character down, save, it and export it to multiplayer and upload it to my server (using different ftp apps), it lets the server start, but when I go to connect, arma freezes.

When I go to the server logs I get the following message.

9:17:19 Connected to Steam servers

9:17:23 ErrorMessage: File mpmissions\__cur_mp.altis\mission.sqm, line 79: /Mission/Entities/Item0/: '=' encountered instead of '{'

9:17:23 Application terminated intentionally

ErrorMessage: File mpmissions\__cur_mp.altis\mission.sqm, line 79: /Mission/Entities/Item0/: '=' encountered instead of '{'

9:17:29 BEServer::finishDestroyPlayer(661392230): users.get failed


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

To reproduce, all I have to do is to make any mission in the editor on any map, and upload it to the server. I have even tried different hosting services and got the same results. If I remote into my buddies machine, and follow the same steps, it works fine and the server lets us all in great.

SO it seems my editor is just malfunctioning. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, varified files, and formated my entire machine to fix this.

Additional Information

Please let me know what I can do to get my Arma editor to work correctly. Again this happens to any mission I make and 100@ of the time.


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can someone please look at this and help me

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could you please attach here any corrupted mission from your editor?

I need to be clear here. it is not the mission file, and the situation I have is effecting all missions I make. Another thing is this. When I make a mission, add 2 men into it, both playable, save it, and upload it to the server, no one can join it. If I host it locally, then have them join it and let them receive the file normally. I can then have them upload the same exact mission to the server and it works.

So as I said in the beginning , it is not the missions I am making, it is that my arma editor is corrupting all the missions I make. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, and formatted my machine to correct this. I am installing arma from steam so it should be a clean copy. That is my issue.

Thanks for whatever help you can provide.

anyone there can anyone help me

Here is the deal. If I make ANY mission and host it, people can connect and play that mission. If I create a mission and upload to server they cannot. What I am having to do now is host it locally, then when the PBO downloads to another players machine, I have to upload that pbo directly to the server and it works.

I know this is not an editing issue, it is a malfunctioning game issue. I have formatted my machine and reinstalled arma3 to fix this and it is still broken. Please help me