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Unable to use Binoculars on Commaner when turned out
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i´ve encountered a Bug where its not possible to use a binocular or a handweapon when in turned out position of a vehicles commander seat. That does not apply for all vehicles but most. So far i found that you can only use Binoculars or Handweapon on the following vehicles:

  • Slammer Tank
  • Kamysh APC
  • Gorgon APC
  • Mora APC

All other vehicles with an option to turn out do not allow to use any device.
In my opinion this is very problematic since there are many situations where you need this option for instance if your commander turret got knocked out which is very common. Or there is infantry in close range and you have to defend the Tank with personal weaponry.
Additionaly for the commander it is very important to have this option especially using the Binoculars for directing the tank properly

Sorry for any misspelled words or grammar but im german and hope you can still understand what im trying to tell you.
I really would appreciate it if there is room to fix this issue any time soon.

Thank you in advance


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Go into any Vehicle despite the mentioned ones in the Ticket Description and then try to use a binocular or a rifle when turned out of the commanders hatch.

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