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The last few days in each session fails.
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The last few days in each session fails. At the same time, the game window closes. When you restart, the loss of game statistics for the current session is detected.


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Windows 10 x64
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do you have these crashes during some specific activity or it is random? Do you have it in multiplayer or in singleplayer? Have you changed any drivers or hw recently?

I have these crashes random in each round of game. I have it in multiplayer. I dont change not any drivers or hardware last two year.
After I posted this report - the crashes is stopped. Not a single time crash was not happen.

Thanks for all the attached documents that you have provided here. Helped me and my partner a lot about what we are passing for our research.
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During the game, approximately in the middle of the session, I saw in the chat messages that someone was dissatisfied with the arrangement of the players. Despite the fact that I had never seen on the server any information about the order of arrangement. After that, the game crashed. I thought they kicked me. But he didn’t go in again, but went to bed: because the clock was already too late.
Во время игры, примерно в середине сессии, я увидел в чате сообщения о том, что кто-то был недоволен расстановкой игроков. Несмотря на то, что ранее никогда не видел на сервере никакой информации о порядке расстановки. После этого игра вылетела. Я подумал, что меня кикнули. Но не стал заходить снова, а лёг спать: поскольку на часах было уже поздно.

almost all dumps are empty except of last one package. I have forwarded to our programmers. Crashes are in d3d parts (directX). Update graphics drivers and directX to latest version can help with your issue especially if you don't update drivers for two years. Thanks for the dumps.

Hi, i run DxDiag. It seems diagnostics is nothing found.
I will hope, it really.
Thank you!

Good evening! This time there was a failure and a crash two minutes before the moment of fixing the achievements of this two-hour round. I am very sad. Exactly the same failure already happened on my server three days ago. However, this time the game managed to form a crash dump. Therefore, I am posting this dump. Thanks for any comments!