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Game crash when I press 'Play' in the launcher (0xC0000005 STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION)
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I've had the game installed for months (perhaps a year) and I've never encountered any problems in that time, whatsoever until now. I'm able to launch the game through Steam, into the game Launcher, and browse through the Launcher without any trouble, but when it comes to launching the game, it crashes.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce

Launch game, press 'Play', instant crash.

Additional Information

I've reinstalled the game twice, updated my graphics drivers, validated game cache integrity many times, reinstalled Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable, ran a Windows System File Check, and removed all mods and none of these has allowed me to get past this error once.

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sezski created this task.May 5 2019, 1:17 AM
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i have the same problem....

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it seems that game has trouble to write into your profile folder on C drive in documents folder due some restriction.
Could you please try?

  1. Create folder named test on another drive than C drive
  2. Start Arma 3 Launcher
  3. Go to Parameters>All Parameters>Advanced>Profile folder
  4. Tick Profile folder and select folder test on your drive which you have created already
  5. Click on Play button in Launcher and game should boot into main menu in default settings
  6. Quit game
  7. Copy files from C:\Users\<Name>\Documents\Arma 3\ into YOUR DRIVE:\test\Users\NAMEOFYOURGAMEPROFILE\
  8. Game should start with your settings and savegames if you click on Play in Launcher

Hi there, thanks for the help, the game works past the launcher now.

{F970011}i had the same problem for me the solution not works