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Cannot start game through browser due to status access violation error
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I had been playing this game for just about 500 hours in total; with mods (nothing too serious just some overhauls). When one day when i attempt to start the game through the browser, the game automatically closes and gives me an error screen, 0XC0000005 STATUS ACCESS VIOLATION. The error persisted beyond me reinstalling the game twice, trying to use multiple launch option fixes like malloc=system and profiles=profiles etc. Looking through the local files, i saw that it was possible to launch the Arma 3 game executable directly from the files (however this would only result in a vanilla version of the game). The game also only crashes during the "Loading Core Configs" of the arma 3 loading screen.

If you need elaboration please let me know


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  • Open Steam
  • Select and play Arma 3 in the steam library
  • Select the yellow "Play" Option
Additional Information

Troubleshooting Report:

If you can get into the error report lemme know, I have winrar but would be more than willing to get you guys a fresh second report without it if needed

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I see in log that game doesn't have permission create files in your profile folder which is usually here: c:\Users\username\Documents\Arma 3\
Could you try run Launcher as administrator?
You can try copy you folder files to another location (outside of C drive) and set patch to this profile via this parameter This is possible set in Launcher in advanced parameters or start Arma 3 game executable with parameters which you need.

Sadly, running the launcher as an administrator doesn't work, the game still crashes upon startup the same way

As for the second solution, I don't exactly know what you mean, iv'e copied all the folders from the files and pasted them elsewhere, unless you would also like me to copy the launcher to apply the parameter. Could you also specify which launch command you would like me to apply? im not exactly sure. (Unless you only mean -profiles in which case ima dumb head)

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