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SG 5K has wrong type of clip which can't be removed
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I found an SG5k at a military checkpoint between Berezino and Gorka. I had already picked up a magazine for this weapon and wanted to use it to reload my newly found weapon. This was not possible due to the fact there was already an empty magazine attached to the weapon. I tried to remove this magazine in all various ways possible, but I wouldn't allow me to remove it. I started looking at the weapon and it already had attachments on it and I also noticed something strange about the name of the magazine inside the weapon. The magazine is named $UNT$ 15rnd MP5 mag. This doesn't seem the right type of magazine for this weapon and since I couldn't remove it in any way possible, it refrains players being able to use this weapon.


Operating System
Windows 10
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Xbox One
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Found a different SG5K on a different location and this one works just fine.

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