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Fuel consumption of OLGA car
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Hello guys, it's me again. One of my friends asked me to report an issue related to the fuel consumption of one of the 2 OLGA cars we managed to assemble and use recently. Sincerely I couldn't reproduce the problem by myself due to the lag I always have (my city has poor internet connection) but he told me that one of the cars wasted too much fuel compared with the other OLGA we used and even compared with the ADA consumption as well. He told me he wasted half tank from Svetlojarks to Solnichniy going at 100 km per hour. We found this car disassembled on Turovo only with just the radiator and one wheel, and it managed to kill one of my buddies for getting into the car (to check if it has fuel) before putting the rest of the wheels on it. The same have happened before in another no wheeled OLGA in Svetlojarks to other of my friends. So I guess that another unaseembled OLGA issue is that it kills players that get into it. Please guys check it out.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

Problem 1(Olga kills player): Get into an unassembled OLGA car in its respawn site kills the player (tried twice in differente places)
Problem 2(Olga fuel consumption): Assemble and drive an OLGA that has previously killed a player that got into it before putting the wheels on.

Additional Information

Official server FL 2-6

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