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Died due to restraining bug
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Playing with friend. Was restrained with duct tape while putting gun away, was still able to walk, run, and use anything I had assigned (like weapons and bandages) but could not open inventory. There was an item on the floor named something along the lines of "restrained by duct tape" but neither of us could interact with it. Tried relogging in attempt to resolve the issue, but upon logging out my character died.


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Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Have someone restrain you with duct tape, and just as they are about to finish unequip a weapon?

Additional Information

If there is any way to respawn my previous character that would be nice. Server was "DayZ US - SJ 4299" gamertag is "xSwiftillusionx" happened around 6:40pm (PDT)

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Hello gameboy9128.
Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this as character dying when restrained and logging off is intended in game mechanic. This mechanic is there to prevent the players from logging off upon being captured and switching to another server / waiting for several hours until their captor is gone.

Definitely not a bug.