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Server save Issue
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The first night this problem happened around the time the server reset I logged back on and was back in game about an hour. Lost gear and was back at a different location. Today I logged on after logging out not during a server reset. I was somewhere I never even logged out at ever. Now I'm split up from my group lost about 90 minutes. The two of them had no issues, the game isn't in game preview this shouldn't be happening.


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Windows 10
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Xbox one x
Dedicated Server
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Has happened twice but under seemingly different conditions, I am not sure what a cause may be, but definitely hurts.

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Kjdixson created this task.Apr 16 2019, 2:38 AM
Kjdixson triaged this task as Immediate priority.

I do not want to lose anything else or any more play time.


This is game breaking for some very dedicated players.
Not sure if it's the new client backups or what, but this has messed up the game worse than it was prior to full release.
Almost everytime I log out, doesn't matter whether I try stand in place and refrain from picking up or dropping anything for a time period, or not. I get set back, to some random point in time, with barely anything I have acquired. Needs to be addressed by this next update if not before. Immediately, is an understatement.

That's what's happening to me too and I already still die ( havent even had the game a week) and I finally get to a place I like or can work with, with materials I've actually some how manage to find, only to have all my progress erased as if I had died while logged off, today i managed to actually log on and still had my stuff and i was so excited to play, game crashes after ten minutes, I log in and I was a freshie.. I was so bummed I decided not to play