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All is still lost for this game
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So I'm still having spawn in issues. I will back out at one spot with my gear and if I leave the game I will spawn in where I was hours ago with my gear from hours ago and all my new gear gone forever. Then me and my friends have still looked over every single military base least 50 times each and still not have found not one AK or M4 or even the Suppressors for them we have found clips but not one gun since the update this is ridiculous and is making the game no longer fun. The SKS and the MP5 need to go and the AK and M4 need to come back please or here soon we are all going to just give up and stop playing the game till it is updated and fixed. God I love this game and so does my friends so please fix the spawn saves and give us back the ak and m4 before we find something else to play thank you so much for your time.


Operating System
Windows 7
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Xbox one x

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