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Sooo much wasted time.
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Okay. I love your game. I play everyday, all day.that being said,i stay to the west of the map,hitting mili bases over and over looking for a m4 or ak or LAR. But noooo. After 2 weeks of looking. I still have not found a single high tier weapon. I have physically done everything in my power to obtain one. Still no luck. I understand you would like more variety of weapons used in firefights but this is completely ridiculous. I literally could not be playing more,yet ALL bases are already raided and left with garbage/bandages and trash. Tell me what i'm doing wrong???!!!!


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Please... just add more of the assault rifles back.. with the amount lf people playing,it makes no difference if i grind alllllll day looking for an automatic or if i spend 5 minutes looking, I ALWAYS get the same result. I really dont want to stop playing. Please help.

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