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Game lag crashes ADA 4x4 vehicle 90% of the time.
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I read the patch notes for PC that say you are adding another vehicle soon. Will you be fixing the game hitching and seizures? We currently cannot take our ADA out on the road without having a second one as a spare, we always drive with an extra spark plug, battery, tire, two more radiators, and a bunch of water because driving through cities is impossible without freezing the game and forcing your car into a wall or tree at 10-20 KMPH. We cannot get out of first gear safely. We drive soo slow that zombies are catching up and outrun the car.... Even with driving this slow we still crash and multiple parts get "ruined" forcing us out of the vehicle to repair half of it. We froze for soo long last night that I was torn out of the passenger side and instantly killed by 10+ zombies who caught up to the vehicle. In addition if you toggle your headlights it defaults to "get out" which could cause you to jump from your rolling car. The zombies seem to come out of nowhere when you freeze and will surround you. With full pristine equipment the ADA will randomly pull to the left or right for no reason. This needs to be fixed when you call this game "full release and charge $50 for it. These issues should have been solved when the game was still in "preview"


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Windows 10 x64
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Drive in the ADA for any length of time.

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I am wondering what "Immediate priority" means to BI as a company. No reply for 48hrs is an issue in itself. These problems with the vehicle stuttering and crashing need to be fixed BEFORE you add your new "faster" vehicle that you mention in your livestream. You need to fix your bugs and glitches such as meatballing, duplication, and character resets before you add more toys. Why would I build your OLGA if you will just wipe the server with the next "big update"? This game was not ready for full release and you should be giving a $10 MS account credit to anyone who purchased since 3/27/19. This game in the current state reminds me of PUBG in pre-release where you would crash whenever you got a fully kitted weapon or got into a dacia to drive across the map. The difference is it takes much longer to loot up in DAYZ only to lose to the server/game bugs not to another player.

I see you have similar bugs posted from 4/1/19 and before with no reply to your community, what trash. You need to give full refunds to your players and still allow them to test your shitty ARMA mod because this in not acceptable. No reply for two weeks yet you plan to add another vehicle, expect a class action from the community and impending bankruptcy from this type of stuff. Your reviews on Xbox are soo low I am surprised anyone except true fans even buy or play the game, if I can even call it a game. More like a joke you are playing on the community to see how much $$$ you can extract. Take your mixer streams and stuff them where the sun doesn't shine. Your PR team must be on fire right now from how much garbage you put out as "entertainment" I walked across the map to stash some gear last time I played only to be placed back at the shore with my M4 and USG45 back in my hands. Your game is complete garbage and it needs a real programming team, not just one person looking into bug fixes. REFUND! REFUND! REFUND!

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Same problem here too search for “ada 4x4 problems” youll find it. Idk if i attached it to this or not

Still happening today. Squad lost an ADA last night after grinding for the parts.

I can confirm driving is impossible on DayZ US 3664146. By impossible I really mean broken, randomly stopping while in first gear on flat ground that is a paved road, randomly thrown in all directions no matter the surface type your driving on. This applies to all cars.

I have built at least 7 ADAs and have had all of them glitch crash just like you guys have described. And most recently had it happen just 30 minutes ago. Another HUGE problem is when you are killing a zombie and then get the 'no message received' message. Then you get disconnected from the server, but because you were fighting a zombie, you were technically killed and have to start as a new character. If any of you guys have any more information on how to get a hold of these crooks, or move forward with a class action lawsuit, please share. Bohemia Interactive is a fucking clown show.

We‘ve all been scammed.